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Each body is unique. How you hold yourself up in gravity is as individual as your fingerprint. Your program will be as unique as you are. We will discover how to release the tight spots and strengthen your weak spots, and build a fundamental strength that supports you in all that you do in your daily life.

My signature program Posture Process will give you the power to improve your posture and movement habits so that you can return to a healthy and vital life.

Single Session $95

Package of 10 Sessions  $900


Classes are at the Xcceleration Station


8440 Santa Monica Blvd.  West Hollywood

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Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a safe and effective exercise program created to help you change the movement patterns that are hurting you. These simple and transformative exercises are designed to naturally heal back pain.

It is a journey of both physical discovery and deepened self-awareness that enables previously unknown levels of health and happiness. It gives you the power to reclaim control over your body and be the best version of you.

Thursdays 12:45

Power Plate

Power UP

Increase your athletic capabilities with Power UP. A full body workout that teaches proper landing techniques, rotational and anti-rotational stability, and quick changes of direction.
Also focused on teaching the critical movement of deceleration, Power UP will have you jumping-and landing-like the most graceful of dancers. Power UP is intelligently designed and a lot of fun.
Saturday 8:30
Power Plate Power Lunch
Designed for clients with busy schedules, this class will get your workout in record time. Taking advantage of the xccelerated benefits of Power Plate, Power Lunch is a whole body workout and is ideal for those who want a great class and still make a lunch meeting.
Power Lunch also includes use of either the Power Plates isometric upper body strap work or the exclusive ProMotion System, In innovative speed training device and unlike anything else in the fitness world. ProMotion is exclusive to the Pro7 and is the only machine we use at T-X-S. We prefer the best.
Thurs 12:00